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SUMMER BIBLE CAMP, is short time Bible study camp. It is a summer holiday special for teenagers & youngsters. Apart from Bible Survey, Doctrinal Survey, and other Biblical & Theological subjects, the students are also trained in Mobile Repairing, Overview of Computers & Personality Development. A special Career Counseling session gives the students guidance on their future streams.

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Conferences / Seminars

Apart from the various other activities, HATS organizes three Conferences in an Academic year for the residential students. Each of the Conferences are designed to enrich them in their spiritual life, challenge them for the missions, and motivate them for a worthy walk. The conferences are Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) towards the beginning, Mission Challenge Conference (MCC) towards the middle & the Worthy Walk Conference (WWC) towards the end of an Academic Year

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Gurukul & Study Tours

HATS is also the first Brethren Assembly based residential theological initiative in    Central & North India to offer residential theological programs in GURUKUL mode.

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Mission Outreach Week

Mission Outreach Week is celebrated every year during the Christmas holidays. Students go out on evangelistic outreach and field visits.

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1st National Assembly Youth Conference 2015

NAYC 2015 was held in Bhopal from 11th-13th November. The three-day event saw participation of 13 speakers – who taught from the Word – and 600 delegates from 22 states across the country.